Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata

The Shop

via Comunale di Colonnata, 2
Carrara - MS - Italia
Ph. 0585 758093
Fax 0585 72838


Monday to Friday
from 8:30 to 12:30
from 15:30 to 18:30
Saturday from 8:30 to 12:30
Closed Sundays

From April to September also open
Saturday afternoon and Sunday
Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata

A cosy meeting place
to learn how we work

Close to our processing plant located at 2, Via Comunale in Colonnata, we have also opened a place where we can give information about our work, where we can exhibit and fully explain the outcome of our commitment. You can call it store, shop or whatever you like: we call it our home of lard and other delicatessen, which you can look at, taste and, if you like, also purchase.

There is Lard of different types and ageing time (shorter seasoning for cuts from white pigs; longer ageing for black pigs); then there is Vergazzata and “modern” Lard Cream to be just spread on a slice of wholemeal bread or to be used for tasty sauces and dishes, maybe together with Colonnata Salt flavoured by our mixture of spices.

To taste and purchase our products

Here you will find all the charcuterie line from Cinta Senese black pigs, which are bred in the wild in Oliviero Toscani's “O.T.” Farm at Casale Marittimo, including 24-month-aged sweet Ham, Coppa, Salami and really special Spalla Cotta (cooked cured pork shoulder).

Tastings and meetings can be arranged all year round, but you will get the best in spring and summer, when you can stay outdoors and enjoy the pleasantness and fresh air of a century-old chestnut wood surrounded by the natural amphitheatre created by the marble mountains around Colonnata.


It will then be easy to devise tasty combinations for the many local productions, including Candia and Colli di Luni wines, Marocca di Casola (long leavened bread made with chestnut and wheat flour, mashed potatoes and olive oil), cheeses from Lunigiana and local chestnut honey.

The shop can also house the works of young artists, painting or photo exhibitions, seminars and meetings on various topics, happenings, music concerts and events, which will always be complemented by a glass of good wine and a slice of bread with Lardo di Colonnata.