Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata


Handmade, tasty, wholesome and genuine
Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata

Raw, sauté, grilled
or crumbled in sauce

Is there anyone who does not like sausages? Either raw or cooked, sausages are a favourite dish and make a particularly tasty snack. Towards the end of each week we produce a small, well cared for amount of sausages, using the same meat chosen for the other charcuterie, namely lardo, guanciale and pancetta. Those tasty bits of meat and fine fat are slowly minced, mixed and flavoured with our own mixture of salt and spices.

The whole processing, including sausage making and tying, is strictly handmade. Now it is up to you to choose whether to taste them raw within the first seven days or to let them dry up a bit and grill them (gently, to prevent hardening) or even crumble them to make a tasty sauce: they are additive-and-preservative-free, good and wholesome!

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