Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata


Pressed between wooden boards, seasoned by the fresh air of the Apuan Alps
Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata

Hand stitched for special taste

Giannarelli's “Pancetta steccata di Colonnata” is made using the mature belly meat of pigs selected for DOP Parma and San Daniele Hams. The meat is hand processed, without additives or preservatives, and seasoned at room temperature. Once they have been cut and trimmed, the pancette are placed in Colonnata marble basins and flavoured with sea salt,

black and/or white pepper, spices, Italian garlic and local rosemary sprigs. After 20 days they are cleaned out of salt and spices, folded, hand stitched and “steccate” (pressed between wooden boards), then they are hung for 30 days. Seasoning goes on for two more months in the cellar and alternatively under the stroke of the fresh breeze from the Apuan Alps.

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