Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata


A red vein and pepper coating make it unique
Giannarelli s.r.l - Lardo di Colonnata

Sharp flavour, spiced aroma

Giannarelli's "Guanciale di Colonnata" is prepared by cutting the lean veined cheek of a fat Italian pig suitable to provide for DOP (Protected Denomination of Orìgin) Parma and San Daniele raw Ham. The rectangular-shaped pieces are placed in the Colonnata marble basins and covered with natural sea salt, black and/or white pepper, mixed spices, Italian garlic cloves and local rosemary sprigs.

After two months' ageing the guanciale is cleaned out of salt and spices; it is then covered with black pepper and set to season for three more months, during which the lard is alternatively exposed to the breezes and light of the Apuan Alps and left to rest in the cellar. When properly seasoned it has a strong flavour and a spiced, herb-scented fragrance.

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